Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plastic or Paper - Earth Day Questions?

I found the sack that Mommie has been saving since the earth started - What was she thinking? I tried to get rid of it for her but she told me she had a plan for them - rugs ! Now I am getting it. Mommie has been working on a rug using up all the plastic that we come in contact with - she uses all the plastic like the wrapping around the rolls of toilet paper, the bag that holds her organic puffed rice cereal, the plastic bags come at us from all angles but Mommie has a plan. First we think about everything that we purchase and how it is packaged. Next, when there is not way to avoid plastic we find new things to do with them. It just takes planning.

Mommie is even using the cans that my milk comes in to repot her herbal seedlings in - they are sitting under grow lights to get them strong enough to handle the outdoors. Mommie said that when these tiny seedlings get bigger I will get to share in some of them. I can not wait...

Here are the Funny Farm we are always looking for new ways to use things - Mommie even said my poop goes into the compost to help out - WOW - I better make more so we can grow more. Who know I was so important to this farm !

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Zan Asha said...

Let me say it again, you have the WORLD's cutest goat baby!