Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today was a warm and sunny spring day so I placed Mishka out with the other kids and went back to the house to continue where I left off on painting the decks. I was not even on the deck long enough to get the paint can open and who is behind me? That's right - Mishka! She crept up so quitely that she was right on my heels before she let out one of her ear splitting screams. I jumped a mile high and took a year off my life with that one........

I put her back with the goats and tried it all over again. This time I was not even 20 feet from the barn and she was right on my heels again. Like a little kid being placed in the naughty chair (Nanny Jo Jo would be so proud of me) I did this for almost an hour. Then she finally got the idea and so I went back to painting. As soon as I moved to the front porch that clever girl ran out of the pasture and up on the back deck and hide between some of the stuff that was moved while painting. As I came into the house Clem (the cat) was sitting in the window and telling me that someone was on the deck (What a tattle tail) and there she was...hiding.

I left her there while I worked on the front deck. I think she felt she won the battle. When I called her name from the kitchen window that is what you see when her head picks up. She could not figure where I was put she knew she was to be in the pasture. When I called her name again she bolted from the deck and ran to hide behind the compost bin. Silly Girl

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