Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boy did I have a Thankful Thanksgiving!

Dinner went well and everyone had a good time. A spiral cut ham, spiced yams, green beans, deviled eggs, cranberry fluff salad, pumpkin bread pudding and a cranberry cake where on the menu along with cheese and crackers for nibble time. It was the first time my mother met my oldest sons fiancee so that was interesting. My youngest son took time out from his packing (moving again to a different apartment)to come to the farm. A long time friend also was able to come and share the day with the Funny Farm family.. The snow started to fly just as everyone was getting ready to go and I spent the late night doing dishes and straighting up. The next day the snow just kept coming and the wind was howling - winter is knocking on our door. Saturday it was another day of just trying to catch up. Yarn orders, products to be made and yes those leftovers.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday -what a day. I had almost 18 inchs of snow and a big surprise in the barn. I went out at 2:30 pm to start the chores - the snow was so deep that I knew it would take sometime to get it all done. I opened the barn door and there in the middle of the walk way was Eboney and her just born baby!! I know - I know! This is a month early - can we not read a calendar??? I jumped into action. I had to dig out the kidding panels that where frozen under a big drift. Then to build the pens - find the heat lamps - carry straw from the other side of the farm.... Really, why are these girls not reading the calendar??? Anyway, the baby is wonderful. I have named him "Monk" because by the time I got everything done I made it into the house just as the show started. I admit it I love "MONK". This is the first time I have seen this show and I just love all his weirdness. Now the reason why this name fits is because he acts just like him, everything is something to complan about - he even has to complain while nursing. He bitchs about the straw, the wind, the girl moving past the pen. He is so sweet even thru all the complaints..

This was a great Thanksgiving - I am so blessed......


marysaline said...

How about a photo of "Monk" Would love to see.

larkspur funny farm said...

Hi Mary
I am working on getting that Floppy Disk Camera of mine to work - bear with me! Monk is such a sweet guy and loves to cuddle. My sons would not put him down when they were out.