Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I dream of a morning like this!

Such a wonderful peaceful snowy morning - OH MY not today!!!
This storm that is still going is brutal - the winds were at 35 miles an hour or more all night - the drifts are up to my thighs and still growing. It was so bad I brought in the house Kasha (my oldest great pry) in the house because she was having trouble breathing in the bitter winds. She normally will not come in the house but she ran so fast I had to let go of the leash or I would have been planted in the drifts. She snuugled on the sheets and towel that I layed for her in the shop while listening to Celtic music all night. I on the other hand got to trek out to the barn every two hours making sure no goat momma had a little one which I was sure glad. It was so cold with the wind that I put the jacket back on the little guy who was born recently. He was so glad to have it on but wanted he to hold him - my body was freezing and all I wanted to do was go inside but who could resist??? Yes, I sat in the straw hugging "Monk" and thanking the universe that I have such a great life even when I am in the middle of a huge storm. Life on the Funny Farm is GRAND!

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