Friday, November 20, 2009

A Friday Night at the Funny Farm

What does a Wild West Women do on a Friday Night?

Well, hold onto your hats - it is Popcorn Night and me sitting down to watch Ghost Whisper and Medium. Once that is done it is moving into the busy party time of the evening.. I gather myself up and dance up the stairs to my computer room - are you keeping up?? Then I sit and answer the emails from distant friends, answer questions from customers and forum folks, clean out files, print off orders to get ready for the morning mail, do a bit of research on many topics and last but not least attempt to sound interesting on my blog!!!

O.K. we all now this is not the Wild Friday you all thought you where going to read about but that is what happens on the Funny Farm.. Oh, I forgot to mention while doing my computer work I am watching or should I say listening to a movie - tonights selections are "Gosford Park" followed by "Lost in Space". Since I do not do dish, cable or even Net Flick I have a collection of movies (more then half on VCR tapes)that I watch/listen to while working. I hear you giggling out there but it works for me. Yes, I too understand that "Lost in Space" is lame but what the heck it is better then what is on TV right now..

So once this thrilling night is coming to a close I will make one last check on the animals in the cold, dark, and windy dark. If all is O.K. then it is into my PJ's and climb into bed with a mediation tape playing me to sleep. Boy, I bet you are wishing you lived such a WILD LIFE!!! Get a good night's sleep because I will be awake at around 2 am because the dogs will be barking non-stop. Those wild creatures in the forest just wont go away and my dogs wont let me forget it. So up I go ready to start my day. What do you mean you want more sleep - get up and get moving. Did I mention Saturday is the real PARTY HARDY day around here???

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