Saturday, November 21, 2009

Einstein = New Age Rick Rack

Wouldn't you know a sweet little goat would be involved in this incredible fun yarn. Einstein is Eva's baby from this year and boy what a boy he is. After giving him his first hair combing about a month ago I washed it in my organic soap that I make here.. Well, I must say I sure raise so fantastic goats. His fiber is so luscious and creamy to the touch. I admit it - I LOVE MY GOATS. Well then I went to work in blending his fiber with Mary's fiber - a little Merino lamb from my girl friends flock. Spun it into a varied spaced yarn and finished it off with plying it with some of my mill spun Mohair Boulce from my goats. The final result is my way of looking at rick rack - another item I love to work with.

So what do you think of my New Age Rick Rack??? I would love to hear or read your thoughts. You also can get yourself some of this dreamy yarn at my Etsy shop... Shameless plug but Einstein would appreciate your support - he is a growing and eating boy...

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Friday Night at the Funny Farm

What does a Wild West Women do on a Friday Night?

Well, hold onto your hats - it is Popcorn Night and me sitting down to watch Ghost Whisper and Medium. Once that is done it is moving into the busy party time of the evening.. I gather myself up and dance up the stairs to my computer room - are you keeping up?? Then I sit and answer the emails from distant friends, answer questions from customers and forum folks, clean out files, print off orders to get ready for the morning mail, do a bit of research on many topics and last but not least attempt to sound interesting on my blog!!!

O.K. we all now this is not the Wild Friday you all thought you where going to read about but that is what happens on the Funny Farm.. Oh, I forgot to mention while doing my computer work I am watching or should I say listening to a movie - tonights selections are "Gosford Park" followed by "Lost in Space". Since I do not do dish, cable or even Net Flick I have a collection of movies (more then half on VCR tapes)that I watch/listen to while working. I hear you giggling out there but it works for me. Yes, I too understand that "Lost in Space" is lame but what the heck it is better then what is on TV right now..

So once this thrilling night is coming to a close I will make one last check on the animals in the cold, dark, and windy dark. If all is O.K. then it is into my PJ's and climb into bed with a mediation tape playing me to sleep. Boy, I bet you are wishing you lived such a WILD LIFE!!! Get a good night's sleep because I will be awake at around 2 am because the dogs will be barking non-stop. Those wild creatures in the forest just wont go away and my dogs wont let me forget it. So up I go ready to start my day. What do you mean you want more sleep - get up and get moving. Did I mention Saturday is the real PARTY HARDY day around here???

Living in Blue Jeans

For those of us who live in our Jeans I have been hiding a little secret - reclaimed organic denim fibers. Yes, you read that right - a company I found is now using only US organic cotton and natural dyes to make a line a jeans. Now they are also using the salvage to make fiber pencil rovings. For a year now I have been playing with it and just love it. Today I finally placed a bit of it in my Etsy store. It has so many ways you can use it and it is being kind to our planet. Win - Win.

Nose to the grind stone

While this little elf has been busy in her own world I have lost track of time again. I have been also dealing with a very sick dog "Kasha" and then my 21 year old angora goat girl "Masquerade" was so very close to death that I spent two days living in the barn with her in my lap praying for her to make it thru another hour. I am so happy to report that Kasha is up and chasing foxes this morning and Masquerade is standing on her own and pooping - that is a good thing....

Life is not always what we plan but it does give us reminders of what we hold dear. The joy of seeing my sweet four legged children up and doing well is worth all the sore body parts, lack or sleep and worry lines that are now a part of my face everyday. It is hard to share sometimes the "Normal" daily work I do here because I feel it is not that interesting and who wants to know that stuff??? So I hope I do not bore you with this gals lack of communication at times - just know I am thinking of you even if I have not shared in awhile...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last night as I looked out my kitchen window this is what I saw - JUST AMAZING

I stopped doing the dishes, dried off my hands, ran for the camera and out I went onto the back deck. Everytime I see the moon in such a state it takes my breath away. I feel so small in such an amazing universe - makes you think about what we spend so much time on - worries, pain, sorrow, bills, petty day to day drama - then I see this marvel and I realize you have this moment only - BE AMAZED


I am all melted out from the big snow storm - over 3 feet of snow fell not counting the drifts. Please do not let this be what my whole winter will be like. I really do not mind the snow, cold and such but that was a ton in a short period of time. Now that the farm is melting I am up to my ears in mud!! I took some great pictures of the storm but now my computer is not wanting to cough them up... O.K. enought of the whinning....

It has been sometime since I have had a chance to write - Nothing earth shaking just been so busy trying to get everything done. I seem to be in some sort of weird time thing.. I get up before the chickens go to bed long after the howling coyotes go to sleep yet I feel like I have not gotten a thing done. Not true but it feels that way. I have been busy painting all the windows in the house before I put up the winter plastic. I am trying it this year to see if it helps. I did recaulk all the windows outside and in but I thought I would also try the plastic film. It works - even with the heavy snow I still have not turned on the furance. It got down into the single digits and still I was toasty. I had to spend a couple of days redesigning the shop so it would be workable for winter. That means moving all the products far away from the big double doors because when the wind is howling and the snow blowing you open that door and it can follow you inside. Also, with Kasha (my oldest Great Pry) having reached that age where she is spending some time inside and it is like having a bull in a china shop. She does not realize that with a swipe of her tail she can take a whole display down and did many times.

I also have been sewing, designing, dyeing, crafting big time and just doing my thing. You know how it goes - you get an idea in your head, start working on the design, then putting the work in to create it and before you know it a day has passed. I also spent time revamping my shop in town. That was a bunch of work but I hope it will pay off. That gallery has been experiencing a slump in sales but with the holidays are coming up and I am hoping it will pick up.

I have also been thinking of new ways to spice up the blog site - now if I just would have about four more hours in a day. Since I am not the most techno progressive person it is last on my list but I hope you will all stick with me while I work on it. Boy could I use a few elves around here !

Now that you are caught up on my last couple of weeks I hope to get some goodies up on the site and some contests too. I have pulled some great prizes aside while redesigning the shop and I know some folks will enjoy them - so please stay tuned