Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holding My Breath

Have you every held your breath for so long that you forgot how to be normal.  Today as I went to town I found myself again holding my breath....  Maybe I need to back up.

Not too long ago as I was coming home from getting Hay and doing the food shopping for me I was half way home and in the middle of no where when my front right tire exploded and I almost flipped the truck.  There I was with 2 ton of hay in the back end and my spare buried under it all.  Some kind angels came to my rescue and with in three hours I was home and my nerves, head and soul was a mess to say it nicely. 

I was going to go and get the tire replaced but life kept me in one spot and then two weeks later the plan was to get the hay that my dear ones needed - drop it off at home and then go into the  opposite direction to the only tire store that had my size tires.  Also the store  did not open before the hay store so I thought let's not waste time.  So off I went with a plan.

Here is what happened to the plan - I got the hay, food, gas and well on my way.  I was driving that same road and kept saying how all was good and was right on schedule. This time got about 3/4 the way home and the back left tire exploded.  Again a kind angel came to my rescue and loaded the hay in his truck and drove me home.  At home I called my son and he came to take me to get a new tire, then go back to the truck, change the tire and then follow me to the tire store again to get the other tire fixed and mounted.  Getting great at holding my breath and trying not to cry in front of strangers.

Here is one of the funny parts - No One's Cell Phones worked in those two places so that is interesting.  Second, the tires I required was only at one shop out here and it was not the one I had planned to go to - they sold them out from under me while I was getting the hay.  The other part was the store we ended up going to because it was closest got those tires by mistake and so they had two waiting for me.  You might all think this is good luck which part of it was but I would have rather not had any of that happen but it is what it is. I am thankful both times I did not flip the truck and cause more damage to the truck or me. 

So  now we are a week and a half out and I needed to go into the small town where every time I go there is a huge drama.  Let me tell you I held my breath for the 26 miles one way and then the 26 miles back home.  Not the best way to have my day start but I am home with 4 tires and for that I give thanks and will work on breathing in about two more hours.

What have you been holding your breath on???


bos daiwei said...

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Kristina said...

Sorry for your tribulations.

larkspur funny farm said...

Your both so sweet - in the big picture it is not much but for the past year it is week after week of stuff that just does not let up. I want to stop holding my breath and waiting for the next shoe to drop.