Sunday, May 12, 2013

Perfect Moments Can Stretch into a Whole Day

To make the BEST of each day is what I try to do here at the farm but I admit at times I just have to find the best in a minute or two and consider myself lucky..  For the past three nights I have sat with Kasha as she is struggling but despite the uncomfortable task of sitting on a hard metal floor while I give every ounce of love and care I have for my sweet one I admit it is wearing.  This morning I made her sweet eggs to get her to eat something and then I let the little babies out in the pasture to run, play and give their mothers a rest.  Mother's Day for the goat girls is simple - tender nibbles on new grass, some fresh buckets of water and playtime in the sun.

For this gal my day was filled with perfect little moments.  Watching the tiny bunnies running as fast as they can playing tag and grabbing a nibble here and there.  Hummingbirds flitting from tree to tree - darting to the water buckets quenching their thirst using those tiny long tongues.  Placing the youngest billies in the new pasture and seeing them kick up their heels with delight over the tender grass and tiny wild flowers that are like candy to taste buds.  The breeze was gently rolling in the forest trees which sent the crisp smell of pine in the air and delights my senses and calms this mind from the worry and drama that can put this gal into a funk. 

It does not matter what Special Day it is because I try to keep in mind that this is all we have - TODAY...  We can not be sure that tomorrow will come and we should not ever try to live in the past for it is gone and never can be changed.  In today's world it is hard to keep your focus on the now but when I am outside and with the tiny things that make up my world I can not help but give thanks that I am here today.  TODAY was full of Perfect Moments...