Monday, November 4, 2013

Celebrating 17 Years of Larkspur Funny Farm

This sweet face is from RAMBO - an amazing, proud, very big Southdown Ram that lived here at our farm.  Southdown's were the first breed of sheep we added to the farm and I must say still hold a special place in my heart.  We raised the Baby Doll variety - not the monsters they pass off now.  That means they are to your knees and walk around with this grin on their faces all the time. .. The breed is known for the sweetest meat, the tightest fleece and even good milkers.  Their wool was used for next to the skin stocking, and undergarments that required elastic properties.  We brought this breed to our 4 H Fair and was laughed at because it was not the black faced sheep that only seemed to be raised anymore but over time we changed many a minds.  So hugs and snugs to the memory of RAMBO.

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Blessings and Make Each Day Count


Tombstone Livestock said...

I had a BD Southdown several years ago that a friend gave me when she lost her ram. She was so sweet and yes they look like they are smiling. Would love to find a few more, but only a few in this area.

larkspur funny farm said...

I always wanted a black one and had the genetic pool to get it done but never was lucky enough. Did get a cinnamon brown once. Hope you find some.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Congratulations, Grace! Here's to 17 more :)

mommydeb said...

Love the Pic of Rambo. I raise a small flock of Miniure Babydoll Southdowns in Pennsylvania. I love them.I purchased my initial three sheep from a Vet in Bloomsburg Pa area. I have been processing the wool myself so far. Trying to do different things with it. Sadly I cannot tolerate knitting. Just some larger projects with large needles that go quickly.