Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busy Hands with Small Gems

Wonder what I do in a day to make my customers have the best possible products????  I go through hundreds upon hundreds of tiny cocoons and pull the silk threads off the tiny little housse and make sure that each one does not have a dent, blemish or stain before I even begin the dyeing process.  I grade also by size and shape - just the way I roll...

The amazing golden cocoons are wild and the moth has left it's home - the gold color is NATURAL
What a Difference in the way I receive them (top photo) and the way I sent them out to customers.. (lower photo)

I do the same slow process with my golden wild silk cocoons.  I take each one and open it up, check to make sure it is whole, no rips, stains and then I trim off any waste that might be hanging on.  I tell you these little buggers take so much time to do this process but there are many who just don't make the grade.  I opened around 1000 the other night and my finger tips sure told me about it. But well worth the effort don't you think?

Last but never least are the silk rods - another thousand or so that I go through and individually inspect , open, trim and grade.  All this work is why I have 7 years of loyal customers who return to purchase my silk items.  I can not wait to get started on the dyeing process once my drying racks get here....


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