Sunday, June 19, 2016

Enjoying the small things

This is Maribella for those who have not met her yet.  She is an older cat that was not treated very well by her previous owner.  She came to me with three pages long of all the things that was WRONG with her and even the staff at the shelter did not hold out much hope for her to fit into a home.  You know Grace there is always reason's why an animal has come into my life and so I accepted the honor of loving her.
It is a journey and I have tons of patience.  From a scared girl who spent most of her day hidden under my bed of crunched up in a corner - she now greets me when I come home from work with tons of purrrrrrs, leg rubs and even a little bit of play.  This little white mouse was a toy I purchased the day I got her and now some 5 months later she finally attacked it and threw it around the place.  It may not sound like much to those who have playful cats but this is ground shaking behavior for her. 

So together we build trust - which we both have had shattered by unkind people.  We are learning to not take life so seriously and that even we can play a little.  Now if only I could have her 19 hour naps.  Thank you for letting me share this companion with you all - she deserves all the love and light she can get and I am learning so do I...

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Aprons and More said...

How sweet! She is very pretty!! :)

Katy :)