Friday, December 8, 2006


I would like to share my farm, animals, fiber, finished products and tales from the barn to give you a peak into my life down here on the "Funny Farm". Organic and natural practices are used on this farm along with large dozes of laughter. I am new to the blog thing and feel much more comfortable delivering a lamb or spinning some of our most wonderful fiber but here I go. Please be patient if I am not up on all the high tech things - neck, my neighbors taught I was Amish for the longest time. Did they not see my 1994 Ford Pick Up Truck in the drive way and the lights turned on in the house? Well, visit often because each day here is a new adventure and soon we will have goat babies to show off. Please feel free to ask questions, give advice, and maybe you will even find that special item that just has to be at your house. Thanks for stopping in - see you soon!

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