Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cuban Tango Designer Yarn

That hot and spicy night you spent dancing the Tango with that Cuban lover is all wrapped up in this yarn. The hand spun/ hand painted deep red organic Cashmere comes from one of my most handsome male goats we own. The way he courts the ladies reminds you of a romance novel that you have read with Fabio on the cover. The ladder ribbon has sizzling hot pink, red and coral tones running up and down with black side threads. Finally, the crisp yellow eyelash is the last step in this tango - WHAT A DANCE! It is soft to the touch but will make a bold statement in whatever project you add this yarn to. This is not for the meek and mild but for the bold and wild - Life is a Tango!


Ellen said...

I want this one...Tell me how?

larkspur funny farm said...

Ellen,I have sent you an e-mail so hope it has gotten to you. Thanks Grace