Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the way to my mail box

Every day I am so lucky to have sweet friends walk with me to my mail box. They do not talk much but they sure listen to every word I have to say even when I do not make much sense.


Pixie said...

Hi Grace, I ran into Katherine (formerly of the Artisan's Cottage in Parker) and she asked if I'd heard anything from you, I told her I check in your blog from time to time and would pass along a hello from her to you!


larkspur funny farm said...

Hi Pixie
I had sent a card to Katherine shortly after I talked with you and had not heard from her so I thought maybe things where not going so well with her. Hope all is well with her health and family. She can always email me when she has the time - I just do not wish to intrude.

Life is great here at the farm but still waiting on little ones.

How is the world treating you and your husband? Hope your holiday season was pleasant - I had the guys here with their girlfriends and because of the weather they spent the night. Was tons of fun and as you see I also have a new man in the house.

Great to hear from you and check back often because I will be opening the shop at the farm and will be posting the info here too. Stay well and warm. Grace