Monday, January 7, 2008

We had a BUMPY ride

Since the 4th I felt like I was in a wind tunnel. We had 72 mile an hour winds during the night and thru most of 5th untill the snow started. I am not sure if it is global warming or that we pissed off the weather gods but I am ready for it all to slow down. I spent 5 hours Saturday just picking up all the parts of the barns, roofs, equipment and such around the farm that the wind could not leave alone. The animals and I have not had a good night sleep since Thursday and I think I will have to nap some today before I lose my mind. You know that will not take MUCH to happen!

Still no goat babies but I am SO SO Thankful for that - I was worried that they would blow away if they came this weekend. Sherlock and Watson really hated the wind and demanded that I stay in the barn with them and where else did they sit but in my lap. They still are such Mommy Boys - but that is O.K. with me. I keep trying to get a picture of them but as soon as they see me they run at me so fast that I can not even get the camera focused before they are right on me. I even tried to sneek up on them but I triped on a ice chuck and banged into the barn - Now you know why my name is Grace.

Well, off I go to turn over the buffalo fiber I have on the drying racks. I dyed it with some natural Henna because it was just too walnut brown for me. It still has tiny VM in it and I will be repicking for the third time and then will see where we are with it. Stay warm and tie yourself to something heavy - We are still in for a Bumpy Ride at the Funny Farm.

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Wendy said...

Oh, I HATE the wind. It's the only kind of weather that I just don't like. I'm in Colorado too, but we haven't had it too bad.

BTW, I found you through the Etsy Mile High Club. Love your yarns!