Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do You Feel Something Evil Watching ?

To say that Clem is NOT HAPPY that Mishka is in the house is to understate the problem. If he is not giving her the evil eye, he is putting his butt in her face, pushing her aside when I come into the room, hits her on the top of her head while she sleeps in my arms and a whole host of other childish acts. I can say that he does not want to be the Big Brother or share attentions with the two legged Mom. Some might think that animals do not do such petty things - come to my house and watch his masterfull plan. He even tried to pee on her the other day while she slept at my feet. Now don't get me wrong, Clem has not been forgotten with the little one in the house. I spend hours petting, combing, snuggling and sleeping with Clem. He has full run of the house and gets kinds words everytime I see him - Clem is just locked in the ONLY CHILD role BIG TIME.......

Even as I type this Clem is sitting grawling at the door which has Mishka on the other side sleeping. I reminded him that he always could try and share the house with one of the Great Pry Dogs (all 135 pounds of teeth and fur)who would love nothing more then to PLAY with him awhile. Why Oh Why Can't We All Live Together in Peace and Separate Rooms???

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