Thursday, March 27, 2008


WHAT TABLE CLOTH???? I have nothing in my mouth - Honest!!!

Mishka has found the joy of sucking on the table cloth corners. She is really mad now because I have folded them under and now her new toys are gone. Instead she has turned her attention to my pant legs, the hanging dishcloths, the table legs, cabinet corners - you get the idea - anything that she can put in her mouth ! If you think teething is fun in kids at least they do not come up and take a bit out of your ankle...... Wait my first son Nick did that - maybe humans and goats are closer in behavior then we thought - at least at my house


Joy said...

Goodmorning, my daughter and I enjoyed reading your blogs! I think you should write a series of goat short stories. Your comments have so much humor, happiness and soul in them. I have a question, how did Mishka become a 'house' goat? thanks for enjoying your life, Joy

Maryjane said...

Grace, what a darling blog you have! Love all the sweet pictures of those new baby goats! Great humor to! I will be coming for more visits! Maryjane Lee

larkspur funny farm said...

Hi, Joy - thanks so much for the kind words and I have been thinking of writing a couple of childrens books when I get some extra time. To learn what happened to Mishka and her sister I posted that under the Basket Case guest. Again, thanks for visiting our Funny Farm.


fleur_delicious said...

Sorry to barge in! Etsy's down at the moment and I'm just trying to get ahold of you, Grace, re: that missing package (of silk cocoons).

My other "shipping dud" arrived this afternoon - one MONTH after I ordered it. Why don't we wait another week...or two...(ugh) and see if USPS can get its act together?


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