Thursday, May 1, 2008

Springtime in Colorado

As the saying goes "Don't like the weather in Colorado just wait ten mintues"
Yesturday was 78 degrees and today I already have three inches of snow and it is barely 34 degrees. I LOVE it - we so need the moisture......

There is a down side - that cute little energy creature (Mishka)is stuck in the house and running me ragged. Unlike my two legged kids when they were little - I would bundle them up and out the door they went to play. Even now there favorite time is SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW..... I put Mishka out with the goats this morning when I fed everyone and before I could get in the house there she was standing in the driveway - wet, shrivering and screaming. Yes, in the house she came, blow dried her off and after a warm bottle, naptime. Wished I had a snow suit for her. Just another fun day at the Funny Farm. Stay warm and check in later.

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