Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I could not believe the marvelous day I had - 70 degrees with not much wind. Eight birds nests gracing the pine tree outside my kitchen sink window. Sweet new baby goats in the barn coming up to me to give hugs and snugs without me chasing them in the pen. Farm fresh eggs from my hens whipped up to make my famous French Toast for breakfast. Talking to my youngest son on the phone about his bright future. Doing heavy manual labor getting the farm ready to greet Spring in a high stepping fashion. All the while thinking in two days I will turn 50 years young and each day is a true blessing.....

What do you count in your blessings?

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Split Rock Ranch said...

Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the Big 5-0 club! Your farm fresh eggs sound sooo good. Jim says no more chickens but I do miss the fresh eggs.