Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow + Sun = MUD

Today we are reaching 65 degrees and the sun is shinning!!!

Colorado weather is this way - snow storm on Saturday and MUD on Tuesday.. I had on my muck boots and out I went to get those chores done. Being such a graceful person, I am I walked into the pen with the llama girls and proceed to slip on my BUTT
That would normally be O.K. but we are talking about 5 inches deep of poop mud!!

I KNOW - YUCK! Now I was to do my morning chores with wet drawers. The fun part is standing outside my shop door peeling off poop muddy pants, socks and underwear as the cold morning breeze whistled thru my knees - what a wake up call that is !
As I stood with nothing on below the waist I started to laugh -
I looked up and found all the male goats with their beady eyes looking at me.
What a weird feeling but then I thought better them then my neighbors or postman... As I left my clothes outside to harden I walked upstairs to climb into a shower. All this before a cup of coffee - life on the Funny Farm is never dull...

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