Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I woke up at 3:30 am with the snow blowing and the tempature at 2 degrees - I just knew I needed to be up and running. I got all my layers on and out the door I went to the goat girls barn. The ice covered the handles and I could barely get the doors open. I greeted the two sets of twins and started in on my rountines. I looked over and noticed that Masquerade was not getting up and not interested in the GRAIN - can you believe it - not interested in GRAIN!!! RED FLAG WARNING - so I finished my chores, dug out more panels and went about building a pen. While outside digging out the panels Masquerade was busy in labor with not a peep or squeek. By the time I wrangled out the cold metal from the waist high drifts I returned to the barn to find a wet screaming goat kid. I quickend my pace and finished the pen in record time. I threw the last of the straw in the pen and grab a towel. I swept up the wabbly bundle and placed her in the straw. Now to grab Masquerade - not an easy task. All the while I was praying - "Please God, give her the strength to take care of this one" Unlike last year at least Masquerade was talking to the little one, licking it and concerned that the other goats where looking at the baby. All great signs. So I turned a bucket over and sat down to watch... Hours later and a very stiff body the baby got busy trying to find some food. Under all that fleece there was no milk bag to speak of, so I ran to the house and made a bottle. Tricking the little one without getting the mom to decide not to take care of it was going to be the task. After 2 full ounces of warmed milk and even an ounce given to Masquerade to prove to her I was not poisioning her little one we got the little one to nurse off of Masquerade.

HAPPY DANCE - not physically because I could bearly get off the bucket. In the house I went with a song in my heart and every hour I was back out there to make sure I saw the little one nursing. It is now looking like this little GIRL is going to be a outside kid !!! Yep Yep Yahoo!!

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