Friday, June 5, 2009

Putting new goodies up on Etsy

I would like to introduce "Betty" a 9 month old Wenslydale ewe lamb to you all.
I was the proud gal who got to give her her first hair cut. It took awhile but I never wish to rush these little one's. I found if I go slow and give plenty of rest breaks we have a much better time and keep that baby fleece perfect. I find if I teach them that they will not be hurt during this process, next year it goes even quicker. I also give them a full body rub after the hair cut to show them how great it feels to have that wool off. Smiles from ear to ear is had by all.

Once I get the fiber back home I treat it with great care to bring out the best of each animal. I hope you like this colorway which I call "Nasturtium". I have placed this fleece in one ounce packets and have just placed all 7 ounces up on Etsy. The other half of her fleece already is spoken for so if you are the least bit interested in this wonderful fiber don't delay. Betty has a great future in the fiber arts world but she will only have this one baby fleece.


stregata said...

Grace, sorry to hear you were hit by a storm, but glad to hear you weren't harmed. I hope your animals are okay?
That lambs fleece looks so soft and beautiful - I would have liked to see a picture of Betty also.
Take care!

larkspur funny farm said...

The lady who owns Betty took pictures while I shorn her but I still have not received them. When I get them I sure will post them. I was working in a barn that was not well lite so not sure if she got any good one.

I try not to order folks around on their own farm - hard for me but I pinch myself.

Glad you like the fiber

monica said...

Well Grace, I looked at it long enough and I just couldn't resist any more!! I reminds me so much of the leaves changing color where I grew up in Ohio!