Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Bumpy Ride

After four days I now have a computer that works, phone lines that work and a pond full of frogs...

Yes, another wonderful storm hit the farm Monday. We got hit, lost power, phones, and fried the computer modem. Just another spring day at the farm. Last kick in the knee was a huge hail storm that pounded thefarm pounding the few little tomatoes that I had just planted on the deck. The up side is the pastures got water, the pond is teaming with very VERY noisey frogs and while in town to get the computer fixed I found a great lady who is wishing to purchase arm fulls of my yarns. So time to look at the silver side of life - frogs and all.

Stay safe out there and pratice your duck and cover. I was amazed how fast this old body could hit the floor and cover my eyes and neck - I guess all those years of duck and cover drills really are deep in my cells. They may have scared us silly all those years ago but I sure do remember how to protect myself. I was not as fast getting up but what do you expect??

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monica said...

Grace, I am so glad that you and all of the animals are safe! Congrats on the yarn order!!