Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hard Night at the Farm

Last night was a stress filled night at the farm. Temps got down to -19 not counting wind chill. Polished ice on the bare ground made it tricky for this graceful gal. The older animals were struggling with the bitter cold and as we all have aches and pains that seem to just SING during these more then challenging nights. What it means for me is every two hours going out with warm water to keep the animals stomachs moving and to do wellness checks on everyone. Kasha managed to get tangled in wire which required me to crawl on hands and knees to get under her trailer with head lamp on and scissors in hand to cut her fur off in patches to release her. I had to take my gloves off to get the task done and in that bitter cold it managed to split the skin on several fingers that touched the freezing metal. Kasha got a scolding and then tons of hugs. She knew what happened was a stupid accident from her over active guarding duties but that did not help my bleeding fingers and throbbing knees. I worried so about my oldest female llama "Happy Appy" because she was struggling with chills and not wishing to eat. I managed to finally get some doctored water into her which picked up her temp and then the litttle bottle goats got her to eat some hay. I placed a heat lamp with her and got her up and walking every hour while rubbing her hind legs for circulation. She is not out of the woods but doing better. Worst for the night was the badger returned. He really is getting on my last cold nerve. At the 3 am check I was out pouring warm water in the older billies buckets. I noticed they all turned and started off in what I call "Defensive Line Attack". That means they place their horns tip to tip in a line, lower their heads and charge at what ever is in their pasture. With only a head lamp to guide me I went thru their gate and hatchet in hand followed but not too closely. I saw them break formation and I could hear their horns clanking and smacking. The dogs went wild when they heard that sound and the fight was on. They had encircled the badger and was giving their all. I came up on the fight and screamed at the nasty badger. I wanted the billies to break the fight and let me help but they let him slip between two of the billies and he took off running and got to the fenceline before we had a chance to use the hatchet. The billies were still smacking the ground with their huge horns as if to say "TAKE THAT". On the walk back to the gate the boys where talking and walking close to me. Just then I could see one of the boys had a bloody face. I quickly got the vet kit and cleaned him up and places blood stop on the wound. He was not happy I was touching him but he understood it was for his higher good. I checked everyone over by the meger light and all that I could find was Syl pulled a muscle in is back leg while running or might have got wacked by someone's horn. Muscle Bruises are a pain but not life threatening. I will watch closely to make sure no swelling or lose of movement happens with this cold weather but I rubbed on some arnaca and gave him tons of kisses. Sly is the tallest guy on the farm but can be a big baby but isn't that the way. The attack keep the farm on edge for the rest of the night and I was very thankful that it was not worse. The boys are still talking about their battle and as you can see one will be remembering this night for some time... It will be the same schedule for tonight but I sure can do without another badger visit. We will keep a watchful eye on all and another night of NO Sleep for this gal.


Sheri said...

You be careful of that badger! I do worry about you out there in the night and the cold. Keeping you in the light, dear one.

Fran said...

Good heavens! No wonder you can't sleep. Billies might be taking on badger but you be careful ... why not axe? why not gun? You know best but now I'm worried too. Badgers, coyotes ... ;( *hugs*

Anonymous said...

You stay safe and warm yourself. Hopefully that will be the last visit from tha badger ...Linda