Monday, January 14, 2013

What a Badger Looks Like

I have two of them hanging on my wall in my upstairs office. I must admit I stroke them over and over during the day. I did not kill them but purchased them from a Native American Tribe that not only hunt for food but also in conjunction with several Park and Forest Services Agencies when there are ssues such as too many for the eco system, getting hurt with contact with humans and also from Farmers and Ranchers who are having issues. The two on the wall are representative of the size of the one roaming this farm however get ready to see the real reason they are so dangerous.
These are the back feet of this creature. Now what is amazing is they trimmed them up a bit to make them look nicer but they were jagged and uneven in length. Hold on to your hats that is not the worst.
How about those claws? His front feet are not only used for digging out small little creatures such as my baby bunnies or little kind minks from their cleaver little dens. Those claws are also used to defend and slash at anyone and anything. My billy is still grumbling about that and who blames him - OUCH!!!! The only thing I can not show you is their razor sharp teeth and let me tell you they are really something. There is nothing like having one of those beasts standing on their back legs snarling at you while make this horrible sound. Think Freddy Kruger with fur. Trust me I have been there many times and it sends chills down your spine and puts your flight response in hyber drive. Someone asked why don't I shot it - well first they always seem to be caught right amongst the animals and a rifle is not what you want to be shooting when sweet one's are swirling around frighten out of their wits. Second I would rather frighten you into moving on if possible but don't get me wrong I will protect my animals and myself at all costs if I have to. For those who think it is strange that I have two on the wall - I honor all living creatures and they are a continual reminder that I walk a balance here at the farm and never to forget it. Lastly, YES I am a petter - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things furry and since I can never pet a Badger in the wild and PLEASE FOLKS DO NOT DO THAT - I can pet it and admire the marvels of nature while still keeping all my fingers... I might share some of the others who grace my house and heart but thought for now I would let you know what I am up against in the dead of bitter cold night. So what would you do or say if you met this fellow???


Lisa said...

i never knew much about these guys but now know i sure wouldn't want to meet they have any natural predators other than a human?

larkspur funny farm said...

Bear, Mountain Lion, pack of coyote and wolves. None of whom I want to spend too much time here to take care of this guy. Hope he will find us too active here and not willing to let him stay.

thewovenspoke said...

I've only seen one in the San Juan Mountains driving old logging roads. We steere clear as it looked like a nasty peice of work! Lets hope he goes somewhere away from your goats.

larkspur funny farm said...

I am with you gals - I sure want this guy to move on and sure don't want more beasties coming here to fight the badger... Life is never dull.

Ngo Family Farm said...

I have never come across one, but if it confronted me in the way you describe, I think my response would be, "eeeek!!!" ;) Hopefully he has moved on with all the activity he's seen of late.