Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost again in Puffy Butts

It has been a wild week here at the farm... Last Friday as my CD Player did not wish to work outside (Yes CD Player)I was forced to clean the barn with only the wind howling in my ears. I heard horrible teeth grinding in the girls barn. After checking who was standing next to me I soon found out my sweet little bottle girls (Wynonna and Goldie) are expecting. O.K. Grace had a melt down. Yep, the kind that you see toddlers doing with little effort but can make the world stop in it's tracks. After a good fit (arms waving in the air, kicking a feeder dish across the barn and sorted other childish behavior I looked at them looking at me as if to say "Mom, WTF".... I went to the house composed myself and went back out to the barn. I constructed the two kidding jugs (pens to keep them safe) and then went looking for the other goat girls. After pulling up tails and checking teats I think it is only the two who are with babies. I put the two in the jugs and then tried to figure out how this happened. Again, yes I know how it happens but I have no idea how it happened.... So what does this mean for the farm. First I would have never bred these girls because they are too small and just not ready to be mommies. But no choice I get on this so then I was thinking how little they will be since their mommies are so little - my gosh I will need to use the puppy bottles in an emergency. Lucky for me I have those and I have the goat milk formula... However, I would ask that everyone sends out a prayer that all will be well and that they become excellent mothers... You know Gracee - planning for the worst.. So this gal has been on two hour watches around the clock since last Friday so you now know why I have not written. I can hardly place one foot in front of another but this is what I do. So send good vibes my way we are going to need it...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wait till you read this one

How can I explain what happened to me today? You won't believe it, heck I have trouble wrapping my mind around it. No, I did not win the lottery - have to play to win. No, I did not create the next "Pet Rock" - don't kid yourself you know you wished you had.... NO NO NO I did not finally get more then 2 hours of sleep - BETTER ! Have you guessed it?? Oh and NO the temp is not warmer one bit. I was so pooped today that this afternoon I took the truck down the very long winding driveway to take the trash down and pick up the mail. As I was rattling down the holes and thinking how lazy I felt I notice a few of the deer standing along the driveway. Those who live here never fear. But all of a sudden I saw more and more and more deer. I could hardly believe my eyes. There must be over 34 deer (yep, I counted quickly but I am sure there where more) of all ages, sizes and sexes standing at the end of my driveway. WOW and Shut the Front Door! I got to the end of the driveway and just let the truck idel as I slowly got out. Was not sure what they would do so I went slow and did not make eye contact. Hard not to since there was so many of them. I took the trash out of the back bed and slowly walked to the trash can and placed my little sack in and started to walk the can to the road. The sweet deer watched my every momentment but did not care what I was doing. Here came the tricky part - I had three deer standing around the mailbox. I am talking right next to it, an inch and a half between them and the box. So I walked slowly but still keeping my breathing regular and strong. Animals gauge you by your breathing. As I walked towards the box I slowly outstretched my hand and just like Moses they parted slowly and I took out my Netflix movie. Closed the door and walked back to the truck. Once reaching the truck I just stood and watched them. How amazing and such an out of this world experience. A few walked by so close that I could smell what they were eating... I could see their white eyelashes. It took every ounce of control I had not to touch them - you know me got to pet things but I know this is never an option with wild creatures. I stood for almost 20 minutes (freezing my butt off because I had not planned to be standing out in the frezzing cold) just BEING with them. Finally the bitter cold got the better of me. I got back into the truck and started it up and even more wonders of wonders was that they did not care. As I drove slowly down the driveway they walked along side as if to say "We will follow you back" and that is just what they did. Now since I watch way too many horror movies I thought this reminds me of the part in "The Ring" where the deer attaked the car because that strange kid from the well possesed the deer and they smashed the car to pieces. As I got out of the car they continued up to the front burm and made themselves at home. I went in the shop door, turned around and still could not believe what just happened. I stood gazing out of the glass door and took slow deep breathes. I kept thinking if this was to be my last day on the planet I had an out of this world experience that I wished I could explain better or share the feelings I experienced amongst these magical creatures. So dispite the lack of sleep, bitter cold and no lottery winnings I had an over the top day thanks to 34 sweet souls... THANK YOU DEER ONES

Monday, January 14, 2013

MOM - she touching me

Dot has not liked the fact he has to be locked up with the goat girls in this horrid, bitter cold but Life before Like. The goat girls don't yet listen to Dot because he is still learning how to be their protector... After finally getting to go outside Saturday around 2 am Dot bolted, ran and found a spot away from the girls. Slowly but to the dismay of Dot one girl then another came and sat so close to him. Before I could find the camera he had 5 of the youngest girls leaning and him. The bitter cold would not allow the camera to work so I had to come inside and by the time I got to the house and warmed up the camera only Agatha was left. When I came a couple of hours later outside Dot was all over me and was telling me the story of how the girls rubbed on him and now this might have made him smell like a goat. I giggled because the girls do not smell at all but to him I am sure he is upset. Funny part is to me Llama's smell like Corn Chips... I love placing my face into my sweet animals and breathing in their natural smell. Each one smells different and those who will let me get this treatment often. What make this not so strange is they do the same to me. I never take offense and I giggle all the time when they do it because we have this need to be close and in the animal world smell it a bond... Here is another confession - Yep, I smell fibers in the house. I can tell my own animals when shorn who is who but I do smell fiber when considering if I am to purchase it (if I can) and I also do so when writing evaouations for folks about their fiber add my thoughts on the smell. There are some illness that can leave an odor and along with what will need to be done to process the fiber correctly. So Smell On....

What a Badger Looks Like

I have two of them hanging on my wall in my upstairs office. I must admit I stroke them over and over during the day. I did not kill them but purchased them from a Native American Tribe that not only hunt for food but also in conjunction with several Park and Forest Services Agencies when there are ssues such as too many for the eco system, getting hurt with contact with humans and also from Farmers and Ranchers who are having issues. The two on the wall are representative of the size of the one roaming this farm however get ready to see the real reason they are so dangerous.
These are the back feet of this creature. Now what is amazing is they trimmed them up a bit to make them look nicer but they were jagged and uneven in length. Hold on to your hats that is not the worst.
How about those claws? His front feet are not only used for digging out small little creatures such as my baby bunnies or little kind minks from their cleaver little dens. Those claws are also used to defend and slash at anyone and anything. My billy is still grumbling about that and who blames him - OUCH!!!! The only thing I can not show you is their razor sharp teeth and let me tell you they are really something. There is nothing like having one of those beasts standing on their back legs snarling at you while make this horrible sound. Think Freddy Kruger with fur. Trust me I have been there many times and it sends chills down your spine and puts your flight response in hyber drive. Someone asked why don't I shot it - well first they always seem to be caught right amongst the animals and a rifle is not what you want to be shooting when sweet one's are swirling around frighten out of their wits. Second I would rather frighten you into moving on if possible but don't get me wrong I will protect my animals and myself at all costs if I have to. For those who think it is strange that I have two on the wall - I honor all living creatures and they are a continual reminder that I walk a balance here at the farm and never to forget it. Lastly, YES I am a petter - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things furry and since I can never pet a Badger in the wild and PLEASE FOLKS DO NOT DO THAT - I can pet it and admire the marvels of nature while still keeping all my fingers... I might share some of the others who grace my house and heart but thought for now I would let you know what I am up against in the dead of bitter cold night. So what would you do or say if you met this fellow???

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Look Who Is Here

I have new guests at the farm and what a surprise.  It was around 4 am when I went out to bring more water and check on folks that I realized someone was watching me.  After the experience with the Badger I was on alert but did not see anything and the dogs where silent.  I went about my task and as I moved the large cattle panel that lines the driveway from the yard my headlamp reached the front deck of the house.  The open space under the deck is often a resting place for my animals when I let them graze the front but this time the light reflected back 8 set of large eyes.  I did not panic but stood still for a moment to clear my blurry eyes and to listen closely to hear the sounds that might be coming from those eyes.  It was hard to make out the shapes but I could tell they where not something that was to harm me but rather they just wanted out of the bone chilling cold.

I walked slowly to the shop door which is only inches from the deck.  The shapes did not move other then having their eyes track me.  I went through the door and closed it behind me knowing that I was inside and safe.  I did make a mental note and started a pot of coffee.  I could hear the shapes leaving their snuggle spot as the sun started to peek it's way over the easterner horizon..  I went to find the camera and position myself to get a couple of pictures of the new guests.  By the time I found the camera I had missed my chance so I had to wait just a bit longer until I had finished my next check and all had their breakfast.

Here is who came to visit.  It is a new group of deer.  What was exciting is there is a Mother with a set of Twins - WOW!!  They have been wondering around  the whole day.  Nibbling, Watching and as the sun set they have found a place under the front large pine trees to settle in for the night. 

Hard Night at the Farm

Last night was a stress filled night at the farm. Temps got down to -19 not counting wind chill. Polished ice on the bare ground made it tricky for this graceful gal. The older animals were struggling with the bitter cold and as we all have aches and pains that seem to just SING during these more then challenging nights. What it means for me is every two hours going out with warm water to keep the animals stomachs moving and to do wellness checks on everyone. Kasha managed to get tangled in wire which required me to crawl on hands and knees to get under her trailer with head lamp on and scissors in hand to cut her fur off in patches to release her. I had to take my gloves off to get the task done and in that bitter cold it managed to split the skin on several fingers that touched the freezing metal. Kasha got a scolding and then tons of hugs. She knew what happened was a stupid accident from her over active guarding duties but that did not help my bleeding fingers and throbbing knees. I worried so about my oldest female llama "Happy Appy" because she was struggling with chills and not wishing to eat. I managed to finally get some doctored water into her which picked up her temp and then the litttle bottle goats got her to eat some hay. I placed a heat lamp with her and got her up and walking every hour while rubbing her hind legs for circulation. She is not out of the woods but doing better. Worst for the night was the badger returned. He really is getting on my last cold nerve. At the 3 am check I was out pouring warm water in the older billies buckets. I noticed they all turned and started off in what I call "Defensive Line Attack". That means they place their horns tip to tip in a line, lower their heads and charge at what ever is in their pasture. With only a head lamp to guide me I went thru their gate and hatchet in hand followed but not too closely. I saw them break formation and I could hear their horns clanking and smacking. The dogs went wild when they heard that sound and the fight was on. They had encircled the badger and was giving their all. I came up on the fight and screamed at the nasty badger. I wanted the billies to break the fight and let me help but they let him slip between two of the billies and he took off running and got to the fenceline before we had a chance to use the hatchet. The billies were still smacking the ground with their huge horns as if to say "TAKE THAT". On the walk back to the gate the boys where talking and walking close to me. Just then I could see one of the boys had a bloody face. I quickly got the vet kit and cleaned him up and places blood stop on the wound. He was not happy I was touching him but he understood it was for his higher good. I checked everyone over by the meger light and all that I could find was Syl pulled a muscle in is back leg while running or might have got wacked by someone's horn. Muscle Bruises are a pain but not life threatening. I will watch closely to make sure no swelling or lose of movement happens with this cold weather but I rubbed on some arnaca and gave him tons of kisses. Sly is the tallest guy on the farm but can be a big baby but isn't that the way. The attack keep the farm on edge for the rest of the night and I was very thankful that it was not worse. The boys are still talking about their battle and as you can see one will be remembering this night for some time... It will be the same schedule for tonight but I sure can do without another badger visit. We will keep a watchful eye on all and another night of NO Sleep for this gal.

Did you Miss Me?? Does it Matter??

It has been awhile since I have written and wondering even if I should continue in 2013...  I am never sure if what I have to share is worth your time and for that matter my own....  I do not enter into huge political or religious debates but figure there are blogs out there for that which thrive on confrontation and hate. This blog has never exposed the lives of other folks are made personal comments about how other's do their lives.   I have felt in the past 4 months that people are just looking for reasons to be offended by the smallest of phrases.  I understand we are all under strain and stress - I too have reached my limits more times then I ever thought possible.  I never wish to offend, upset or get your panties in a bunch but as a dear friend pointed out that is not my problem but with the person who gets offended...  I love sharing my silly adventures, my creations in fiber, the lives of my sweet furry friends and those topics I think are of interest to me and I hope might be of interest to you. 

I would appreciate hearing back from you all who have the time and thoughts as to what brings you to this blog and how I might  make it worth your time.  As I stated I am also considering stopping the blog altogether if it really does not have a purpose to others.

Love, Light and Thoughts