Saturday, February 3, 2007

Johnny Jump Up's in Winter

I just love Johnny Jump Up's!
Now that the temp has drop to -21 last night I needed a little summer in my life. As the wind is roaring outside my studio I dug my fingers into this pile of Mohair reminding myself that spring will be around the corner. The four legged friend that contributed to this burst of smiles is "Casper", one of my Angora weathers. He came to us 10 years ago because a sweet little farm widow was being placed into a nursing home and she just was beside herself because she had no home for her goats. That is how I got into goats. As she sat in her wheel chair telling me the story of each of her goats with tears in her eyes, I knew that I could be their next Mommy. We have guessed Casper to be 16 or 18 years old but their other mother was not sure of dates or years. That day I was only planning on purchasing some kitchen ware instead I drove home with five goats in the cab of my truck. I had one straped in the seatbelt with me, one strapped into the seatbelt with my girlfriend who hates goats and the others where all milling around in the back seat screaming in our ears as I drove home. Casper is a sweetheart with loads of kisses for me each time I go into the barn. Since he is so sweet, I had to dye him the colors of the sweetest flower in my garden. You can purchase this fiber at I had pounds of this creation and now we are down to 3 ounces. So don't wait till spring to pick up some smiles.

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