Saturday, February 10, 2007

Now it is My Turn - MY TURN!

It is great being in the livingroom except for Mom always yelling get off the furniture. She is sitting on it - why can't I? I just LOVE all the things to do in the livingroom, there is TV, Books, Plants, Paper, Pillows and Mom's Icelandic Sweater. It feels great to snuggle in. Life has been getting dull sitting in the kitchen so I told Dr. Watson that we needed to break out. While mom was busy in the computer room I managed to jump over the baby door and onto the chair and freedom was mine. There was only one problem Watson can not jump. So I cried and he cried untill Mom let us out to play in the livingroom. There is only one rule - we have to go potty before we can come into the livingroom - no problems, we are smart and that is easy to do if it means that I can play in the livingroom. I wished that Dr Watson could play more but Mom keeps tellling me not to be so ruff with him - what is being ruff? I jump on him, bite his ears, push him over, run him down, what is ruff about that? Oh, did I tell you - I am getting my HORNS!! Yes, they really hurt too. I found that rubbing them on everything helps but I really love it when Mom sits and rubs them but she thinks that doing that for an hour is a little bit self absorbed but hey she doesn't have these things coming out of her head - what does she know about PAIN? It is hard being a goat! Well, enjoy my pictures, share them with everyone you know and we will be back with more soon. Happy Hopping.

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MJ said...

that is too cute!!