Saturday, February 17, 2007


I just posted on my etsy site two skeins of this wonderful hand spun hand painted yarn. It is 90% organic wool and 10% bombyx silk. I have spun this yarn in the thick thin fashion with a multi colored silk thread to stablize the single. It has the softest feel to it and the silk gives it just enough sheen to catch your eye.
One skein has 90 yards for $12.00 and the other skein has 86 yards for $11.70. That means there is 176 yards for $23.70. But I have listed them for 50% off.
Special is two skeins totaling 176 yards for $11.85
I also have the roving that this yarn was spun from on my etsy site too - if you would rather spin your own! I have new items at


Rebekah said...

I came over to check on the "house" animals. Then, I saw this beautiful purple yarn! And, the amazing price! I can't wait to feel and see it. I'm going to learn to knit something other than a chunky and funky hat for that gorgeous yarn!

Rebekah said...

Oh, how beautiful! I got my package from you yesterday and that yarn is simply gorgeous! I definitely must learn to knit better before I use that treasure!