Monday, May 26, 2008

Clem - Get off the Sheep

You would think this cat has been working as hard as I but you would be WRONG ! Ever since Mishka has been living with the other goats - Clem has decided to adopt the Icelandic Sheep Hides in the house as his own. I have several prized hides I brought back from Iceland when we first started the farm and I admit it, I love to sit with my face in them or just pet them while reading. Strange to some but that is just me..... Well, Clem now thinks he can put his cat butt on them and it will be O.K. with me - WRONG !!! He waits till I leave the house to do chores and on the hides he goes, the nerve of some folks......

I know he would never admit it but I think he misses Mishka. I guess any furry body will do for Clem.

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