Monday, June 9, 2008

This is how we mow the lawn

There is nothing better then enjoying my breakfast on the back deck while someone else is doing the work!

This morning the Llama girls are hard at work mowing the lawn for me. I have never thought it was a good idea to have those noisey machines destorying the peace and quite I so love on my farm. It also blows my mind that folks wish to spend their limited time cutting what nature so proudly give us - growning grass. I love seeing the wind blow in the tall native grass. To some it is a thing to control, poison and over feed but I wish to enjoy what is given. Each day someone here at the farm is let out to nibble away. Now I admit, I am not happy when their attentions turn to my Pine trees or Lilac bushes (which have only had a chance to bloom 3 years out of our 12)but even then I so enjoy the process. I am also concerned why folks still are planting Kentucky Blue Grass on their McManson lots when we have been in a drought for six years now? Has everyone ingested too much of the fertilizers they lay down every year or inhaled too many gas fumes from the machines they use to run over their land. For me I live in the tall grass with the munching mowers I call my "Furry Family Members" and enjoy the peace and quite. On a side note - my lawmowers give great kisses and put themselves up when they are done - does yours?

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