Thursday, November 13, 2008

My breakfast guests are back

My guardian was back at my driveway this morning. After having his early morning breakfast he awaited my routine of opening the chicken coop greeting my furry babies and grabbing a cup of coffee. How easliy they find themselves in my daily chores and they seem to be welcoming what quite transactions happen between me and my extended family. I feel honored that he now considers me part of his duties - such grace he shows but such power all the same.


Katmom said...

I love your dear sweet Deer musings....we too have a frequent visit by 4 young does that nibble on our lawn, munch on my arborvites and nosh on what's left of my garden. I gave them the rest of my tomatoes.... it is such a joy to see them each evening. In fact we got a fair amount of snow last night so we were a bit worried until we saw their tracts twixt our barn & house, so we know they are OK.
Happy Winter.
gracie aka katmom

larkspur funny farm said...

Hey Gracie
I also received snow last night and it is still going this afternoon - I went out first thing this morning to look at tracks - my way of making sure the Mountain Lion is not around... No tracks that should not be here. Great to hear from you - stay warm.