Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never a dull moment

Tuesday morning was another heart stopper. The farm had received some snow and I am back into my rountine of before breakfast going out and breaking the ice on all the water in the pastures and barns. I admit it is a mindless task - one I do without really much effort. With the snow I also check for prediator tracks so my head is bent down. As I approached the little boys barn and went thru the gate I found the little guys sitting outside the barn. Such brave boys. I never gave it a throught as I walked thru the open door and heard movement and could feel the movement of something coming towards me. I quickly looked up only to fall on my butt and my orphaned deer came flying past me, thru the door and ran to catch up with the little goat boys. As I pulled myself off the ground I had to laugh - "How many folks have orphaned deer sleeping in their barns? I do, I do"

I hobbled into the house, twisted my left ankle, found the camera and back out I went. There was my sweet boys - sharing their pasture and last of the season grasses with this lost soul.. I have not named her because she is not my animal but rather a traveler who is making her way in life while sharing a bit of it with me. She spent most of the day with the boys enjoying their company. They even took a nap in the field while my Great Pry Sophie watched in disbelief. Now I am back in the house with ice on my ankle - no not from the barn - from the freezer...

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