Friday, November 7, 2008

My Orphan has a new family

For those who have been following the story of my little orphaned doe, I have been worried becaue since the mountain lion killing spree I had not see her for about two weeks. I each morning would look in all the pastures to see if my little one was sitting and resting but each morning I was very disappointed. My heart grew heavy - but what I saw this morning had me doing the happy dance.

My little one has been excepted in a small herd of two year olds. As you can see there is a great macho bull with his rack of horns growing. Then there is four two year old does and my little girl all eating right outside my fence. She brought them to my farm because she knew I would let them be and no hunting is allowed here. My heart was flying!! She is safe and has a family. What more could this two legged mommy want for her little one?

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monica said...

Grace, I am so glad the little girl is back!!!! I am doing the happy dance with you!