Friday, March 13, 2009


I can not believe it has been over a month since I wrote last....

Another Friday the 13th - Love those Movies - Yes, I own all of them and each Friday the 13th I watch them all. I missed the newest one but will purchase it the moment it is out.... I am a real horror freak - I even love the B ones.

Wondering what I have been doing?? I have torn apart the farm shop and redesigned it to have a flow that I felt comfortable with and I hope will work better for customers. I hate, Yes I mean hate having to waste brain cells thinking of that kind of a thing - wished I could just have someone come in and do it for me...ANY TAKERS?

Next, I had a store that carried some of my products go under, so I had inventory come back to me and what a mess!! I am having to relabel yarns because they came back in such a horrible state. There was not much fiber left but it was dribbles and drabbles of this and that, so I am going to card to bits into crazy batts so they will have a new life.

Then, I have been mulling over and over and over and over in my head about closing a booth that I have had at a retail store for years. I just can not find time to drive 95 miles each week to straighten up and find new products to put in it. Not to mention, sales in the last year do not equal rent so I hate to throw good money after bad. I know on paper it is not a good thing but I just have a hard time cutting ties with shops. I think that is called a personality weekness.

Last, I needed just a break! For those who do not know, 13 years ago on Feb 15th my husband collapsed and four days later I gave the O.K. to disconnect the machines. Over the years my sons and I have moved thru this time with each other and God's grace. For some reason this year was harder then most and I really spent sometime healing. I am also designing new adventures for this gal - life goes on..

My Goodness - time flies so fast that I really had not noticed I forgot to write - foregive me... Now sit back and hold on to your hat's we are catching up...