Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladyundertheoaks is number 14 - THANKS

You know I have the most incredible folks cross my world - "Ladyundertheoaks" has joined our band of merry gals - WELCOME ! Not only is she incredible but she has also found that if you type in the following you will get to the article - I told you before computers and I never mix.

I guess on her MAC you needed to type the feb in caps FEB to get to the article. I am so sorry for all this - just to show off a little - I guess the universe is not liking that Pride thing....

I was just excited that my sweet one's got some face time.

Once again Welcome Ladyundertheoaks - please visit her site on Etys - she makes the most wonderful "Southern Lady Toe Rugs" - I know, what a great idea... She has many who need loving, caring toes who hate to wear shoes. Check them out!