Saturday, March 28, 2009

What do you do in the Middle of a BLIZZARD ??

Yes, our rain dance went overboard and instead of rain I was sitting with a white out Blizzard on my hands. Thursday was just typical Colorado weather - we went from 70 degrees on the weekend to now drifts of 5 feet high to dig out of...

While the snow was howling I watched my favorite blizzard movies while working away in the house. I admit it, I have a silly or sick routine which has started from the first blizzard that trapped the boys and I on the farm that first year we lived here and I have continued it every year since. It goes like this:

First, Misery - a great Stephen King
Second, Storm of the Century - one of those Stephen King's stories that folks forget about but well worth the time to watch
Third, The Thing (the original and the remake) Have you eaten you vegies today? Or maybe they are coming to eat us!
Last but not least, The Shining - one of the best movies out there!! Makes you rethink becoming a writer.

Are we seeing a pattern here???

Yes, I know - SICK, SICK, SICK I am but what else can you do as the inches turn into feet and the feet turn into something that will send my back into locking up. Still all and all WE NEED THE MOISTURE - I keep saying to myself with ever shovel full I toss. Then I gaze at the shovel - dark thoughts roll over me - then I snap too and think maybe a Disney movie for a change of pace - Who am I kidding? - Horror Movies are my guilty pleasure. Great way to stay warm and keep that blood pumping