Monday, March 30, 2009


I know you thought I was making it all up !

You thought "Mother Goose" was just fat !

Maybe I was getting a little soft in the head !

After dragging myself out to the barn several times in the night over the past two months what did I find in the pen this morning as the snow was blowing again? Two of the sweetest little one's shivering and trying to figure out how to nurse. The first is a completely pure white boy that is shy and gentle. He softly talks as I check him over. The second is also a boy but with pure white and pure black. He is wearing a black mask, black streak down half his back and black on the tummy and inside of his legs. This guy is anything but quite. I can not wait to get a picture of him up because this is a first for the farm on this color combination. The are strong and doing well but Mother Goose is very protective so no handling, kissing or hugging for now.

Let's all do the "HAPPY DANCE"