Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn in Manhattan

One of the projects I completed while crawling in and out of my bed during that horrible stomach bug was to get the dye pots going - heating up the log home as the temp outside was getting colder by the day and it also did not require much effort on my part. This kid fleece does not come from a baby here but does come from my blood lines. This little goat girl "Autumn" gave her fleece as particle payment for the mother I sold this farm several years ago. She has great handle (softness) and a sheen that is like so many of my sweet girls here at the farm. I will get two more shearings from this girl as payment but there is only one baby fleece and this is it. If you are looking for something incredible this fleece is it. You can purchase what is left at my Etsy Shop - the first pound went to a local fiber artist who is spinning it up to make a shawl. Don't delay because this is a great buy and great fiber.

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monica said...

Grace, Do you realize that as long as you keep putting up wonderful fiber like this that I am going to be broke from buying it! I just can't resist when you mention that it's baby fleece! Am I a sucker or what? haha!!