Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some BAD news blew in

Last week the farm was hit with several days of horrible winds. Nothing new but when I finally had a moment to go out and check on things I found that one of my Black Star Hens did not return to the coop... Most animals are smart enough to know that in bad weather you just hunker down and wait it out. So I started checking every inch of the farm while trying hard to stay on the ground. The winds picked back up so bad I could not even see a foot in front of me so I went back into the shop to wait it out. Three hours later the winds calmed down and now the sky was turning dark. I went back out with lights and started the search all over again. No luck at all. I had to close up the coop for the night but turned on all the outside lights hoping she would find her way back. The next morning I took my best dog Kasha out with me to search the forest and then the far pastures. No feathers, no body, NO HEN!!! I searched for most of the day and again at night but still not sign.. I spoke to a couple of folks that said those wind cells where so bad that it could have even picked her up and took her elsewhere.

Well, my prayer is that where ever my sweet black hen is she is safe, sound and doing well. The hen house for days was buzzing and the girls where upset. I watched them like a hawk just in case a hawk had grabbed their sister. One thing that never gets easier is when you lose an animal. I know some folks would say - "It is just a chicken, we eat chickens" but NOT my girls. I never eat those I raise and each two or four legged here is a family member who is missed when they are gone.

So if you would say a prayer tonight for my lost little hen - she is missed!


Aprons and More said...

Mom and I are hoping she finds her way back home safely!


Lisa said...

that's such a sad story..i hope she is ok somewhere... :(

monica said...

Grace, I will be praying that she is safe and finds her way home!