Saturday, October 10, 2009


We all could use some FORGIVENESS now and then - I asked for that to my sweet violet plant that this yarn was designed after. I had not realized that when I last cleaned the kitchen window ledge I forgot to move the violet away from the window glass. This log home has crappy windows and so with our new bitter snap my sweet little violet paid the price for my mistake. I each morning have been asking forgiveness for letting one of my charges pay the price. It is trying to recover as it sits in my bedroom soaking up the warmth. I have even place a skein of this yarn I made next to it to remind it of what it will be again.

FORGIVENESS - I think it is a perfect yarn and a great intention to hold in your heart at all times.


monica said...

The yarn is just so lovely! I hope your violet plant recovers quickly!

stregata said...

Your weather really has gone haywire - was there a time this year when the weather was normal?
Sorry to read about your hen!