Sunday, April 7, 2013


It has been said by many folks that come to the farm - the VIBES here are so different and so full of LOVE.  We have animals who get along who never should be able to.  I have males who are such caring parents that they do babysitting duty to give the mothers rest and time away from the jumping and running of their little ones.  Most of all their care and concern of my well being always amazes me. 

Saturday was a full day at the farm.  I spent half the day brushing my Great Pry's, clipping their matts and doing toenails.  Big Dogs, Big bags of fur and hard as rock toenails.  That was a great time -  tons of work but with those loving souls the task is one of my favorites.  With those big dogs comes you guessed it tons of poop - big poop.  That task is not a favorite of mine but worth the work to be with them.
Chief has been working hard watching over the new little one's and he takes his work to heart.  With the new babies in the barn he gets always a upset tummy which leaves me with more to clean.  He is so much like me in that department - WORRY WARTS pay the price and not always in good ways.
The biggest cornerstone of this farm and my heart is Kasha and she is slowing down and at time worries me to pieces.  Her energy is my life's blood and with each breath we take together I have purpose.  After brushing and giving her a complete body rub we snuggled and slept in the trailer together.  Her slow and steady heartbeat  is what I draw from and I give her back hopefully the same.  It was a long night with her but I would NEVER tried a second of any time with her. 

Yep, the  VIBE around here is different and so worth the 17 years I have put into it... 


Tombstone Livestock said...

I have had Border Collies since the late '80's, got a Pyr puppy 2 years ago, and now it's is another of my favorite breeds.

larkspur funny farm said...

I have had Great Pry's for the past 21 years and have never been more in love or prouder of their work. I have had eight other breeds through my life but never have my heart attached to such a proud breed.