Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Don't Understand Some So Called Humans

The past two weeks have been anything but peaceful or even rational.   I can not nor would I get into it all but I have lost faith in a large number of Humans... I have always said that I understand animals because their motives are straight and true.  They may not be able to speak my language but their messages need very little interpretation.  Humans hide behind words and use them as weapons while feeling superior to others because they can wrap their hate in politically correct phrases.  Give me an animal any day - you know where you stand by the way they move their ears, hold their head or the way they stand in relationship to your body.  They may not be happy with you when you have to preform a task that they are not eager to participate in but they do not sit and spend days, weeks, months or even years holding a grudge or planning to hurt you in some twisted way.  Yes, I have even had an animal kick me, bite me or knock me to the ground but then we are even and we go back to center. 

Now I know you would say - Not All Humans are that way - Your Right but I am having a hard time seeing that right now.  It is not only in my personal life but in the actions of humans in the world.   I am always seeking out stories about those who are walking in the world doing great things to help their fellow humans in order to balance those folks I see and deal with who are tearing through life hurting others with their careless actions.,

I know NONE of us are perfect and that is why some folks really REALLY need to check themselves first before they EVER point a finger at another.  As the saying goes "Why do you see the speck in my eye when you can not even see the log in yours?" 

I will say it again - I just don't understand some so called humans.... and I am trying really hard not to kick them, bite them or knock them down.  Maybe I will get busy and teach Llama Boy to do those things on command... I know - go stand in the corner for 5 minutes Grace.  It would still be worth it....


Fran said...

When I lose faith in humans, I withdraw & recoup. Hope you find the uplifting stories you are looking for! Sometimes all we can do is shine our own light for others as an example (and hope Karma gets 'em! *grins*). *hugs*

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Fran - been so heavy here that I can hardly breath at times but I then go hug an animal and give thanks fo all that I have expierenced.

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