Monday, April 8, 2013

10 Years Old Today

Hard to believe that Chief and Sophia are celebrating their 10th birthday...  They are brother and sister and have brought me such joy and love.  Each day with them is a blessing. 

This is Chief still licking his lips after the pancakes
They both work so hard each and every day - they protect this farm and those who call it home.  The two are different in the ways they see the world but at the core they are just love covered in fur.  They would love it if I could spend every minute glued to them but at the same time they are independent and really do not need me to make their lives complete.   They are both such a part of me that I can not imagine my life without them.  We celebrated so far with German Pancakes and eggs for the Birthday Breakfast and followed by body rub downs and tons of hugs and kisses.  A storm is to roll in tonight so they will get to play maybe in snow - there favorite weather.  Tonight they will receive a German Brat sliced in bite sized pieces..  Followed by more wrestling and rubs unless the storm hits too early...

                                                                        Sophia playing in the mud - a real Tom Girl

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chief and Sophia ...  Thank You for Ten Great Years !


Tombstone Livestock said...

Sounds like the 3 of you had a great breakfast. You know now is the time to get a puppy, that way they can train it for you, and it will be ready to take over in their twilight years.

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