Friday, June 21, 2013

New Wee One Found a Safe Home

We have a new Larkspur Funny Farm guest - a sweet wee little wild bunny....  This wee one has no parents and is very lost and needy.  This morning while I was standing and waiting for the water bucket to fill this very little one came right up and stood on my foot.  Imagine my surprise and also how my heart went out to it.  I waited till it hopped off my foot and then I slowly walked with the bucket to fill the hens water dishes.  I could not believe it but it followed me.  In the coop, out of the coop and back to the water pump.  This continued as I filled the big billies water containers and then Llama boys.  So I thought - get the camera Grace - I always miss out on getting the pictures of what is going on here.

Back from the house with camera in hand and the wee one was waiting for me right where I left it.  So I sat down slowly on the ground and started to take pictures.  It is so scared but also so loving that it came right into my lap and I even broke my rule - Yes I did pet the little one..  I know slap my wrist and sit in the corner.  Now, don't you do that and NO wild things should not be treated like a pet....

So after the picture taking session I told the  wee one that we needed to get back to work.  I slowly stood up and placed it in the tall grass and walked off to finish chores.  Yep, I had a buddy while working.  During the day while I moved the hoses there the wee one was waiting for me to come down the stairs and then it followed along and returned to the shade under the stairs.  As I finished the last check tonight with flashlight in hand there was the wee one waiting for me.  However, this time so was Dot and he is watching over the wee one.  Now that is my GREAT GUY - Dot is really getting into this watching over little ones and this really is a tiny little one.


Fran said...

Some wildlife rehabilitation center may be willing to take him & feed him until he is old enough to look after himself. He seems rather lost.

Tombstone Livestock said...

I think he has decided he wants to be a pet, just not in a cage.