Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another House Guest

Now I know you folks think sometimes I just could not be living the life I do but here is proof again that the outside critters think I must be running a hotel.

Over the weekend I had three of these sweet little one's come running into the house while I was trying to go out and move the hoses again.  They sure are fast little ones.  Now I could not find them and thought well surely they will go back outside if I just leave the doors open.  As I was sitting down for the first time in hours and heard this horrible sound.  Yep, the mouse trap sprung and one of the three little ones got caught and it was not pretty.  I did not feel you needed a picture of that.  Then I saw one go out the kitchen door so that left one little sweet one.

I tried as best I could to block the stairs that went down to the fiber room and just hoped this would be resolved soon.  Went upstairs to pretend to sleep and I could hear it running around.

As I came downstairs in the morning I started to make a cup of tea and eggs.  You know how you get that feeling that someone is watching well trust that feeling.  I went to get the eggs from the frig - sure enough this was standing at my bare feet.  I went to get the camera and had to wait a bit till he or she came out from under the frig.  Sure enough out it came and I got several pic's.

Then it took some great herding techniques to get it outside and continue on with my day.  So now it is a race to open the door and get out or in without them trying to get back in - silly little buggers.  Not sure why so many four legged want to come in - guess they heard the room service was 5 stars. 

Who is stay with you at your house??

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Loren Brown said...

My cats bring chipmunks in and by far they are the most wild, unhappy, and impossible to rescue houseguests. But I learned a trick: put a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. For them it is like leaf cover. Then you can wrap them up in a piece and escort them outdoors. You must have something that smells really fetching. Maybe you want to figure out what's attracting them. Or maybe it's a temperature thing.