Monday, July 8, 2013

Picking Purple Petunias

Late last night when AGAIN I could not sleep I went to the carding machine and started the process of letting go.  I had the other day took a pure white baby llama fleece from the blood lines of B Goldsmith.  My dear friend passed some time ago - she taught me so very much about llama's, training them and understanding the way in which they think.  For about 15 years I also called her friend.  This sweet baby llama fleece she traded with me for some of my cashmere and so I have held on to it for a bit waiting for it to speak to me.  I think I was unable to listen because I missed my friend so much that I could not work on the last fleece I traded with her.

The other night I swear it was as if she spoke to me and said HOW ABOUT PURPLE???  I was thrilled with the shading that I obtained on a pure white fleece.  Now What - well this is what.  I remembered on her front door she had one time a hanging basket of Purple Petunias so that is what I went about creating.  I hope she would be happy with them.

So I offer these 12 batts to you all - 4.75 ounces in total for the sum of $33.25 plus shipping costs. The batts contain Baby Llama, Merino, Silk and plum Angelina.   These will be a joy to spin but also felt. 

Would love to hear back as to what you think of them and hopefully someone will just PICK them...

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