Sunday, July 7, 2013

Update on House Guests

Remember the tiny little ground squirrels who would not stay out of the house???  Few days ago I had another one run into the house and when I was chasing it out it dawned on me it was one of the previous house guests but it looked much thinner.  As I chased it out and it ran down the back deck stairs.   I spied where it went and right under the last stair was the other one waiting.  They ran a bit farther and behind a couple of rocks I had under the deck and next to the rock front of the house.  They looked so nervous so I watched and my eyes just about popped - there was four little babies...

Tiny, tiny little ones.  So you know me - felt guilty and went to the kitchen for a few nibbles.  Placed the goodies on the bottom step and then stood very still.  They ran up grabbed their nibbles and back to the babies.  Such a sweet family.  I have tried several times to get pictures but so far I am just not fast enough.  I will keep trying because this is the first time in all the years here I have ever seen babies. 

I am like a little kid at Christmas - now we know why they wanted in the house - great place to raise a family.

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Tombstone Livestock said...

I thought the little critter house guest was a chipmunk ... is it a squirrel? So nice of you to feed them, maybe if they have a spot to eat outside and someone brings them food they will stay out of the house. I like certain wildlife, but I like them better outside. There are a few I don't care for inside or outside. Still haven't seen the rattlesnake again, but I am sure it has not done me any favors and moved to the neighbors.

Congrats on the rain, your state can surely use it.