Monday, July 8, 2013

Tricking this Gal who HATE HOT DAYS

As the temps are in the high 90's and this gal is finding it impossible to cool down I start the mental games.  First I put on every DVD and VHS tape that has to do with Cold Weather and Snow up to one's butt - put in the head phones for the howling sounds rock me to my core.  Then I stand on the cold concert floor of my carding room and begun creating things that would give relief.  These batts are called  "Daiquiri Please" - either a watermelon or Strawberry Daiquiri would be nice if I only had the fixings for one.  As I crank away I place my mine in a cold place and believe that I am there.

At the time of this typing I am watch "The Day After Tomorrow" and I may soon find myself pulling out the shelves in the big freezer and stepping in.  Then I remind myself the animals are just as unhappy with this heat so I pinch myself and get back to work.

Oh Yeah - up side to this horrible heat - skiens of yarn only take 30 minutes to dry completely when hung outside and roving that I dyed this morning was dry in an hour....  Try to find things to be focusing on....

These lovely batts are for sale on my Larkspur Funny Farm Facebook Page - just PM on that page with your zip and PayPal addy and you will soon be drinking in these mouth watering lush combo's.  By the way they are Cashmere and Alpaca from my animals, Merino, Tunis, Bamboo and Silk - see I told you they where lush... Two ounces for $14.00 + shipping - this is the last of these so don't wait for the next Ice Age.


Tombstone Livestock said...

They look delicious.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks - Needing all my tricking powers to get through this heat - got any you use???