Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Is That Mom???

It is RAIN dear ones !!  Yes, the farm has had three different rain events.  Most lasting no more then 15 to 20 minutes but we will take any and all we can get.  The issue is with each storm we had horrible lightening and also lost power... Now for this gal I am use to it but I am seeing a trend to these events.  First time I was 2  hours into my lovely bread making in my bread machine and out goes the power.  Two hours later when power was restored I placed the bread into the oven and cooked it the rest of the way - Not the prettiest looking loaf but still tastes Yummy...  Next storm I had tons of computer work to do - You know how well I do with that and with a sale running in my Etsy Shop and  a cobbler in the oven - This time the power was out for almost four hours.  The work I caught up with at 2 am but the cobbler was a loss and I walked it out to the hen house.  Today, I was playing beat the storm - I had corn bread in the oven, meatloaf half way done and as if the universe could smell the goodies the skies grew dark, the winds picked up and the rain began to fall.  I was lucky this time - finished the cooking and got 15 minutes of rain.  The power flickered many times but other then holding my breath a couple of times it managed to stay functional.

So I will be stopping the rain dancing and just start baking...  I might be attempting the cobbler again but it sickened me to loss those sweet berries however the hens thought they won the lottery at 2 am. 

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